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Advising Appointments

Fall 2021 Schedule

The AAC will offer in-person appointments at a reduced capacity. On certain days, students may select their choice of in-person, Zoom, or phone advising modalities. Advisors are regularly available to meet the needs of our NSC student population. We recommend scheduling an appointment at least 1 week in advance for maximum availability. Our Fall 2021 schedule is as follows: Office Hours:

Holiday(s) and Closures: *Schedule Subject to Change

Schedule An Appointment

Appointments: To provide the best and most thorough services, the Academic Advising Center operates by appointment only during the majority of each semester. Your advisor is assigned based on your declared major. If you plan to change your major, please meet with the advisor for the major you plan to change to.  You may schedule an appointment via phone or online. To schedule an appointment via phone, please contact our front desk (702)992-2160. To schedule an appointment online, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your NSC Portal
  2. Under "Quick Links" then "Apps" click on "Scorpion Success Network"
  3. In your "My Success Network" choose an advisor by clicking on their name
  4. On the advisors profile to the left, click the "Schedule" link

Late Policy: If a student is more than 10 minutes late to an appointment, we cannot guarantee you will be able to been seen by an advisor and you may be required to reschedule.

No Show Policy: Students who do not attend their scheduled appointment and do not call to reschedule are considered “no-shows.” If you no-show three times in one semester you will receive a phone call or email from the Academic Advising Center (AAC) notifying the student that they have reached the maximum number of missed appointments. The student will be required to schedule an in-person, 30 minute, "impact" meeting with the Director of the AAC. During the “impact” meeting, the student will discuss how missing 3 appointments affects the NSC students and community. Before the conclusion of the "impact" meeting, the AAC Director will schedule the student an appointment with an Academic Advisor related to their major. The three allowable “no shows” reset each semester.  

Walk-In Availability

The Academic Advising Center only offers walk-in advising during the first week of fall and spring semester, and during “Registration Week” of fall and spring semester. During these two weeks, the AAC will operate under a walk-in only basis and no scheduled appointments will be available. We will take students on a first come/first serve basis until we have met capacity and these weeks will often see an extended wait. Please note, the queue will provide you with an estimated wait time. This is an estimate only and may be shorter or longer than estimated.

During fall 2020, in preparation for your walk-in, your Advisor may send pertinent information to the email address listed in your Student Center.  For your actual walk-in appointment, your Advisor will call the preferred number listed within your Student Center at the time of your appointment. Your advisor will call you from a (702) number or a “blocked/private/unknown” number.  Please be prepared to answer your phone.

If you are unsure if a scheduled appointment or a walk-in is better for you, please review the chart below:

Good for Walk in Week Good for Appointments
  • Quick schedule changes
  • Change of majors
  • Financial aid ineligible credit review
  • Graduation requirements
  • SAP plans
  • Whole degree review and advising
  • Advising holds
  • Students returning from suspension
  • S/U grading
  • Course Petitions/Substitutions
  • Adding/Changing Minors


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