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Connect with Advising

Schedule an Appointment

You may schedule an appointment via phone or online.

To schedule an appointment via phone, please contact our front desk (702)992-2160. To schedule an appointment online: 1. Login here 2. Choose your advisor and click “Schedule Appointment” 3. Select a reason. For advising, choose the appropriate reason 4. For a phone or zoom appointment, use the location menu to choose The Scorpion Success Network is an online Enterprise Success Platform™ powered by Hobsons.  The cloud-based software solution is designed to aid faculty and staff in supporting students throughout their educational journey, by empowering students with information and providing options to improve their likelihood of success.

Why See an Advisor

The Academic Advising Center strives to support students navigate the college so they can reach their academic goals. Here are a few reasons why you might want to make an appointment to see an academic advisor.

FERPA and Email Communication

Effective August 24th, 2020, the Academic Advising Center will only correspond with students via their official NSC email address.

Per institutional policy, and the regulations set by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), your Academic Advisor will not be able to respond to email inquiries or provide educational information to students via any personal email addresses.

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