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What is EdReady

EdReady is a free learning platform that motivated students can use to fill in the gaps in their math knowledge. EdReady contains videos and learning materials to help you learn the content that you would normally learn by taking Math 95M at NSC. Students who would like to improve their placement from the Accuplacer test can work through EdReady to place into a higher class. (In the long run we would like to phase out the Accuplacer test altogether and replace it with EdReady.)

Access EdReady HERE

Please review all deadline and submission criteria information below*

Why EdReady

It saves you time and money. EdReady is free. Math 095M costs more than $800 and takes a whole semester. Any student who is sufficiently motivated to work through the EdReady material without needing a teacher to prod them to action can succeed with EdReady.

How Do I get Started

First determine whether you plan to continue on to Calculus. Go to nsc.edready.org and follow the instructions to create an account. Enter the key placement (or placementcalculustrack for students who plan to take calculus eventually) and click submit. Then click Get Started! Each time you log in you will work on the goal ”Math 120 Placement” (or ”Math 126 Placement” for students on the calculus track). Select that goal and click Go to Goal. Click on Start Assessment to take your initial test to see what you need to work on. Over time you can view your progress as your score rises.

Is there a deadline for EdReady?

EdReady is a self-paced software which takes an average of 18-20 hours to complete. All scores must be submitted by a priority deadline of 7 days prior to the start of the semester. While we will accept scores beyond this date, we cannot guarantee they will be processed before the semester begins. Scores will only be accepted ONCE a semester unless the placement has changes (i.e. 96/120 vs 120 or 120 vs 126). Please allow 2-3 business days for score verification and processing.

How will my EdReady score affect my placement?

You can get a default placement using your ACT or SAT math score. Then you can work through EdReady to improve your placement. Everything must be completed manually at this time, so after completing EdReady you will need to notify the Registrar at mathplacement@nsc.edu so that we can verify your progress and grant permission for you to enroll in a class. At the time of your email, you must provide your NSHE ID,the Course Section, and the Semester for the math class you would like to enroll in. Please note that it may take from 7-10 days for us to process this score.

Which Math should I take?

Math 95M (5 credits) This mastery based course covers foundation mathematics topics up through elementary algebra. Math 96A (1 credit) Students who pass Math 95M can take Math 96A concurrently with Math 120 as a 1-credit supplemental course. Math 96D (2 credits) Students who pass Math 95M can take Math 96D concurrently with Math 126 as a 2-credit supplemental course Math 120 (3 credits) This course covers topics in statistics, consumer mathematics, and modeling. Math 120E (4 credits) Students register for this course to take Math 120 and Math 96A together. Math 126 (3 credits) College Algebra is for students who plan to go on to calculus. Math 126E (5credits) Students register for this course to take Math 126 and Math 96D together. Math 127 (3 credits) Trigonometry can be taken concurrently with Math 126 (though not with Math 126E). Math 181 (4 credits) Calculus depends heavily on the skills of Math 126 and 127.

How do I know if I need EdReady

Placement scores are below. Students who want to advance beyond their initial placement can use EdReady (at nsc.edready.org) to improve their initial placement. (The EdReady tests for Math 120 and Math 126 are different.)

What if I have questions?

For questions about EdReady you can read the FAQ on EdReady. (The link to the FAQ can be found in the student dashboard down below the face when you are logged into EdReady.) For questions about the mathematical content you can send an email to serge.ballif@nsc.edu. Be sure to ask meaningful questions that spell out what is being asked and how you approached the solution. Don't just refer to a question type or number because the problems are generated algorithmically, so no two students get the same questions. You can also contact the Academic Advising Center (aac@nsc.edu or 702.992.2160) to discuss score submission, placement, and processing.  


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