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The Scorpion Way

Attending college is a momentous occasion in your life. We recognize that this time can be fun and exciting but is also a bit scary. The New Student Orientation (NSO) program is designed to assist you with the transition process from high school to college.

The Scorpion Way is the theme for Orientation, but what is the Scorpion Way and why does it matter? The Scorpion Way is both a guide for how students can successfully transition to NSC and the personality which strengthens everything we do at NSC. Determination, grit, and an individuals resolve all lead towards student success. That is the Scorpion Way, that is the makeup or DNA of every NSC student. The New Student Orientation is the first building block to develop the traits necessary to be successful at NSC and in college.

New First-Year Students

If you are a new first-year student, you must attend the New Student Orientation before registering for courses. This program focuses on providing information on academic requirements, institutional policies, financial aid, registration, and community building.

Who is considered a new first-year student?

Orientation is an all-day event. At the conclusion of the day you will receive your fall 2019 course schedule. Please keep in mind that you MUST have your placement scores in our system (SAT, ACT, Accuplacer) to receive an invite. Once registration for orientation opens up you will receive a detailed email explaining how to RSVP for our on-campus orientation.

It is highly recommended you come early in the summer to receive the ideal fall 2019 schedule.

If you have any questions feel free to contact the Academic Advising Center.

2020 Orientation

New Student Orientation will be offered summer 2020, dates will be announced shortly. RSVPs will be sent beginning in early 2020.

Changes to Your Fall Schedule

At Nevada State College we want to do everything we can to put you on a degree pathway to success.  In doing so, we need to ensure that you are taking courses that apply toward the completion of a declared program of study (in this case, a major or minor). If the schedule created for you does not work due to extenuating circumstances, you may petition the Coordinator of Orientation for a schedule change. Please complete the following form to begin a review of your first semester schedule. This process takes 2-4 business days, and you will be notified via email of the final decision made by the Academic Advising Center. If you are requesting a schedule change based on major change, EdReady completion, and/or prior course completion then your schedule will be adjusted accordingly and sent to you via email. Please provide all requested information below, failure to complete all required information could result in the delay of processing. Schedule Change Petition Form


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