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Business Administration Concentrations

BS in Business Administration

An accessible, affordable, versatile degree with five innovative concentrations.
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Business Administration Concentrations

In addition to classes in our four primary areas, you’ll select a concentration based on your interests and career goals. We have five concentrations available:


Diversity and Human Resource Management

In this concentration, you will gain knowledge across a wide range of human resource functions –including workforce planning, recruiting and selection techniques, compensation management, performance management, and training and development. As well, while diversity, inclusion, and equity perspectives are embedded across the Business curriculum, the concentration allows students to delve much broader and deeper into these issues, which are becoming ever-more critical in today’s organizations.


Management and Leadership

The concentration prepares you to successfully manage and lead in today’s organizations. It focuses on developing a working knowledge of management and leadership principles necessary to manage an effective team and includes courses in organizational behavior, human resource management, and leadership.


Sport Business

This concentration prepares students for jobs in the professional sport industry. With Las Vegas now being home to two major professional teams (the Golden Knights and Raiders) and several minor professional teams (WNBA’s Aces, AAA baseball’s Aviators, and soccer’s Lights), the sport industry has established a much greater presence in the region than in the past. Students will study how the economic and financial structure of the industry is very different from most other industries, and how these differences impact managerial actions and business functions.



The concentration prepares you for a range of marketing-related careers in product development, market research, advertising services, and promotional sales. Students will be exposed to a broad spectrum of marketing-related issues – why and when consumers buy, how to communicate with an audience, where to sell products, and how to price products. We provide a special focus on the rapidly-growing areas of social media marketing and big-data marketing analytics.


Financial Services

The concentration prepares you for a career in a variety of financial services organizations – banks, mortgage brokers, investment firms, insurance companies, real estate companies, and financial planners. Students learn the principles and techniques used to maximize financial returns, while simultaneously managing and controlling risk exposure.

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