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Early Childhood & Early Childhood Special Education (BA in Education)



Early Childhood Education lays a critical foundation for lifelong learning. Children who attend an early childhood program are more likely to achieve academic success not only in school but also in the workforce. Teachers equipped to serve this population are powerful resources who can use education as a tool to transform families in communities in Nevada and across the world.

This dual license program is the first in the state of Nevada. The students will be able to apply for two teaching licenses in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education (EC/ECSE) for young children ages birth-8 with and without developmental delays and disabilities. Teacher candidates in this program are uniquely qualified to meet the demands of a high need area in the district, in local charter schools and early childhood centers. As a recognized leader in teacher preparation, the Nevada State College School of Education will provide you with a supportive environment as you develop the techniques needed to BE THE DIFFERENCE in young children’s lives.



  • Preschool Teacher
  • Head Start Teacher
  • Kindergarten and Primary Grades Teacher
  • Special Education Teacher
  • Early Childhood Center Director
  • Education Researcher



Engaging Classes

There are a number of engaging courses you'll take in this degree, including:

  • ECE 463   STEAM in ECE
  • ECE 441   Play Theory, Creativity & Aesthetics in ECE
  • EDSP 408   Social Emotional Learning
  • EDSP 475   Strategies for Teaching Young Children with Disabilities
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