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American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreting Minor

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Degree Requirements

Degree Outcomes

  • Interpret from ASL to English and English to ASL at an intermediate to advanced level;
  • Demonstrate the professional behavior required of an interpreter;
  • Use ethical principles to make challenging decisions in an interpreting setting.
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Become a professional interpreter

Many students who study American Sign Language (ASL) gain a deep appreciation for the way it uses the entire body to convey a message. If you love ASL and want to make it your career, we encourage you to add a Minor in Interpreting to your Deaf Studies major. This minor provides advanced classes that will help you learn the skills you need to become a professional interpreter. Although no specific degree is required to become an interpreter, there are two standardized tests that are commonly used in credentialing: the EIPA test and the RID/NIC exam. Passing these exams requires extensive practice and training, but the result is a rewarding and high-paying career helping others.

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