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Data Science (BA/BS)

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Degree Outcomes

  • Ask meaningful questions about data sets.
  • Investigate data questions using appropriate measures and methods.
  • Use problem-solving to resolve issues such as data hygiene, managing outliers, and other difficulties that can arise in data sets.
  • Combine sound methodology and analysis to draw appropriate conclusions from data that help inform good decision-making.
  • Communicate the results of data inquiries to a variety of audiences.
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One of the 21st Century's Most Important Skills

As an Interdisciplinary Data Science major at Nevada State, you will learn the analytic skills necessary to enter some of today’s fastest growing fields. Data Science combines statistical analysis, computer programming, and knowledge of a topic area that you pick, and combines them to solve puzzles, unravel mysteries, and tell stories. If that is exciting to you, you will love Data Science.

In the Interdisciplinary Data Science program, you will learn to use the most common tools of data scientists using real world data. You will learn to write programs in Python, analyze data in R, and query databases with SQL. You will create statistical models and clearly communicate the results. Most importantly, you will learn to ask good, sharp questions that allow you to use your growing analytic skills to solve problems that you care about.

The program prepares you for both graduate studies and data analytic careers in areas as diverse as marketing, educational assessment, business analytics, biostatistics, and financial services. The Las Vegas Valley is in particular need of individuals with good data skills as its economy grows and diversifies. A degree in Data Science from Nevada State will set you up for a bright professional future.

Nevada State has two data science degrees: A Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science. The Bachelor of Science requires higher-level math courses (Calculus and Linear Algebra) but leaves its students better prepared for more advanced study. The Bachelor of Arts is more flexible and may be easier to combine with another major or to finish if starting later in your college career.

No experience necessary! Haven’t coded before? Never taken statistics? No problem! Our Data Science program assumes no background in these subjects. Most people don’t have any experience. We will start at the beginning. If you’re an analytical thinker, you can become a data scientist!



Foundational classes you will take as an Interdisciplinary Data Science Major:

  • DATA 101 Introduction to Data Science
  • DATA 210 Introduction to SQL for Data Science
  • DATA 220 Research Methods for Data Science
  • DATA 310 Data Visualization
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