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Engineering Technology (BAS) – Electronics

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Degree Requirements

Degree Outcomes

  • Demonstrate advanced technical proficiency in computer networking, electronics, or telecommunications technology;
  • Integrate leadership, human resource management, quality assurance, productivity analysis, and customer service management skills into the workplace;
  • Model work-based experience gained from accredited programs and coursework monitored by business and industry subject matter experts in regularly held advisory committees;
  • Evaluate principles of management and organizational behavior in the workplace;
  • Explain why employability skills such as communications, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, and other
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Finish your path to a four-year degree

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree in Engineering Technology - Electronics provides a baccalaureate pathway for students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Engineering Technology with an emphasis in Electronics (Bench Technician, Biomedical Equipment Technician, or Defense Contractor Technician), Self-Serve Device Technician, or Slot Repair from the College of Southern Nevada (CSN).

After completing your 2-year AAS degree at CSN, you will take one additional year of advanced technical 300- and 400-level courses at CSN using their state-of-the-art, multimillion-dollar computer networking, electronics, and telecommunications facilities. You can then complete your final year at NSC, taking courses in management, communication, and other upper-division general education courses.





After you complete your AAS and additional courses at the College of Southern Nevada, you'll take a range of courses at NSC designed to improve your communication, management, and problem solving skills. Some courses you will take at NSC include:

  • ACC 201 Financial Accounting
  • ENG 407A Fundamentals of Business Writing
  • MGT 301 Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior
  • MGT 367 Human Resource Management
  • PHIL 311 Professional Ethics


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