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Gender & Sexuality Minor

Picture of two female students holding up painted flags for different sexual and gender identities
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Degree Outcomes

  • Appropriately define contemporary terms and vocabulary to discuss Feminist and Queer Theory from both American and International perspectives;
  • Explain how the complexities of gender performance and sexual identity are exhibited, interpreted, policed, and subverted in human society;
  • Describe the historical context and timeline in which gender performance and sexual identity has developed from beginnings to the 21st-Century;
  • Integrate concepts from Feminist and Queer Theory into their critical thinking and writing.
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Bridge cultural divides

The gender and sexuality minor teaches you the nuances of gender, identity, and sexuality in historical contexts and in the contemporary world.  Through interdisciplinary study, you'll learn the tools needed to navigate this emerging scholarly landscape and gain a better understanding of the social issues facing LGBTQ+ communities and other marginalized groups. Perfect for future gender studies scholars, therapists, social workers, and clinicians (among myriad other fields), this minor is will guide you toward understanding yourself and your peers on a fundamental level by helping students learn to bridge the divide among people through empathy, dignity, and inclusion.

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