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Photography Minor

Photography Student
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Degree Requirements

  • Produce high-quality photographic images in a variety of genres (e.g. portrait, landscape, documentary, etc.)
  • Demonstrate skill in photo editing, restoration, and manipulation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of photo aesthetics and ability to analyze images
  • Participate constructively in critique sessions
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the history of photography, including its use in commercial, journalistic, artistic, and political contexts
  • Curate and exhibit images in both online and physical forums
  • Produce motion-picture work for either documentary or videographic applications
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In the Photography Minor, students learn a variety of artistic and commercial techniques for producing images, including professional photo editing and manipulation and working with subjects. You will emerge from the program with a thorough knowledge of camera function and a collection of portfolio-ready images. The degree is suited to hobbyists, those interested in taking up photography as a business, and students who have never picked up a camera before.

Cameras are available for checkout; however, students are encouraged to acquire a camera for advanced courses

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