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Professional Writing Minor

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Degree Requirements

Degree Outcomes

  • Write effectively in an organizational setting, with a clear understanding of purpose, audience, stakeholders, and context;
  • Explain effective communication strategies that are used in organizations;
  • Write clearly in multiple formats (reports, memos, and brochures) and in multiple mediums (social media, email, printed publications);
  • Be prepared to apply for entry-level professional writing positions.
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Bring your writing to the next level

Do you want to improve your writing technique to impress your future employers? A minor in professional writing will provide you with the skills and expertise to conquer the various types of writing in the professional world. You needn’t be a Shakespeare enthusiast as this minor is well-suited for aspiring professionals who desire to make an impact with their words in a professional setting.

The professional writing minor is geared to offering engaging and practical courses that will teach you the fundamental principles of professional writing. You will have supportive and dedicated professors eager to assist in improving your writing skills. The knowledge you gain pursuing this minor is applicable to virtually any career field, putting your education to work on day one.

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