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Sociology Minor


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Sociology is the dynamic and exciting study of human societies and human social behavior. The sociological perspective, or imagination, recognizes that culture, social, economic, and political structures and forces shape and are shaped by human attitudes and behaviors. Created to give you a diverse learning experience, you will learn about international, national, and local social systems and contexts, including social issues and dynamics that will cultivate a unique and relevant education path that you can apply to your worldview on the professional and personal level. Topics include inequality, sexual identity, social construction of race and gender, ethnic affiliations, death/dying, global migration, social movements, crime/deviance, and social institutions of education, religion, family, medicine, etc. 


  • An undergraduate degree is a practical jumping-off point for a number of graduate degrees/programs both inside and outside the discipline, including history, business, education, journalism, public health, and nursing, just to name a few.
  • Sociologists have myriad professional opportunities as teachers, policy analysts, demographers, survey researchers, and statisticians for education (secondary/postsecondary), government agencies, marketing, management, hospitals.

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