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Writing Studies Minor

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Degree Requirements

Degree Outcomes

  • Explain the importance of rhetorical context for effective communication
  • Explain their own writing processes and contextualize those processes within the broader scholarly conversation
  • Create effective documents using both written and multimodal composition
  • Provide meaningful feedback for othersu2019 written work
  • Identify rhetorical strategies for specific contexts, audiences, and genres
  • Communicate with clarity and purpose across disciplines and other discourse communities
  • Identify possible careers which could draw on their written and rhetorical skills
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A minor in Writing Studies will give you the expertise to communicate in a wide range of careers, including research, journalism, health care, business, nonprofit work, education, and the sciences. This minor is a perfect fit for students who want to translate ambitious ideas onto the page, or explore how written language impacts others.

The Writing Studies minor provides engaging and practical courses that will give you space to explore how writers communicate effectively with their audiences. For students interested in research, a Writing Studies minor can also prepare you to study written language, collect data about how others write, and come to new knowledge. You will have supportive and dedicated professors eager to support your learning process with classes that are designed to center discussion, exploration, collaboration, and discovery.

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