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Faculty Senate Contact Information:

Email: FSEC@nsc.edu

Abby Peters, Chair (Assistant Professor of Business): abby.peters@nsc.edu; 702.992.2528

Serge Ballif, Vice Chair (Associate Professor of Mathematics): serge.ballif@nsc.edu; 702.992.2613

Laura Naumann, Secretary (Associate Professor of Psychology): laura.naumann@nsc.edu; 702.992.2686

Shantal Marshall, Parliamentarian (Assistant Professor of Psychology): shantal.marshall@nsc.edu; 702.992.268

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Notice: With the current and expected growth at Nevada State College, our challenge as Faculty Senate representatives is to navigate the many changes inherent in higher education, be a voice for the various faculty populations, and serve in faculty's role of shared governance at the institution. As NSC matures, we embrace opportunities to celebrate the unique features of past, place, and personnel, and the Senate encourages new ideas through meaningful and productive discourse. To this end, the Faculty Senate brings together diverse ideas from across campus.

At Nevada State the faculty populations include full-time academic faculty (tenured, tenure track, and non-tenure track), part-time academic faculty, and administrative faculty. Support of and communication with administrators is also part of NSC’s history, as is partnering with students and external constituents to be a responsive and viable community of learners and leaders.

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