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The Scorpion Path: Applied

The Scorpion Path: Applied


Maximize the likelihood of admission for student applicants from targeted populations.


All students who have applied, with a particular focus on

  • Students at all levels of achievement and prior preparation
  • Historically under-represented students
  • Students interested in a wide range of majors (especially prospective education students)


Collect Evidence & Routinely Assess

  • Maintain data and evidence that facilitate achievement of “applied not admitted” goals.

Increase Pursuit of Financial Support

  • Continue to improve knowledge of financial support options while ensuring that students take timely steps needed to receive support.

Enhance Community/Belonging

  • Engender excitement and a sense of community/belonging among applicants on the path to enrollment.

Implement Streamlined Application & Admissions Process

  • Ensure the application is clear, informative, and easy to complete, and provide a supportive admissions framework that guides the student through the process while increasing excitement and community/belonging.

     Action Plan

The Action plan outlines our deliverables, project leads, and priorities.

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