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The Scorpion Path: Excellent Teaching

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    Excellent Teaching & Learning

Our commitment to excellent teaching and learning is a pillar of Nevada State. Our academic faculty conduct scholarship and possess disciplinary expertise, but their foremost and most essential skill is their ability to help our students learn. Likewise, we hire administrative faculty and related staff with the understanding that they, too, are teachers, responsible for guiding students through the various stages of their journey and increasing their efficacy for success. We empower Nevada State faculty and staff to become learning experts, who understand how learning works and how we can support it. In this manner, we distinguish ourselves by making excellent teaching and learning our highest academic priority, guided by evidence-based practices.


Key Elements and Contributors

  • Provide educational experiences, led by expert instructors, grounded in best-practices in teaching and the science of learning.
    • Contributors: Academic Deans, Academic faculty, CTLE
  • Commit to becoming a community of learning experts, with an understanding of how we help students internalize, embrace, and utilize complex ideas, and supported by processes that allow us to collect input directly from our students.
    • Contributors: CTLE
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