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The Scorpion Path: Pre-Application

The Scorpion Path: Pre-Application


Attract a student population that contributes to the fulfillment of our mission and the achievement of our strategic goals.


Students who are:

  • Pioneering
  • Future leaders
  • Able to create student life experiences
  • Representative of our community’s diversity
  • Committed to earning a degree from NSC
  • Represent all levels of prior achievement and preparation
  • Pursuing a wide range of majors


Collect Evidence & Routinely Assess

  • Maintain data and evidence that facilitate achievement of pre-application goals.

Promote NSC Programs

  • Engender knowledge of and interest in a full range of NSC degree programs.

Increase Financial Support Awareness

  • Increase awareness of and confidence in financial support options, including need-based aid, scholarships, and low-interest loans (note: loans have not been a prior area of focus).

Encourage Mission-Consistent Growth

  • Continue to attract a diverse, first-generation student population that reflects the surrounding community and underscores our pledge to provide educational opportunities.

Establish NSC as a first-choice destination for high-achieving students

  • To help ensure that opportunities are being provided to students with all levels of preparation, attract increasing numbers of high-achieving students who are pursuing our degrees and are committed to graduating at NSC.

 Action Plan

The Action plan outlines our deliverables, project leads, and priorities.

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