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The Scorpion Path: Sense of Belonging

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     Sense of Belonging

We commit to specific practices and initiatives that foster a welcoming environment at Nevada State, improving our students’ overall confidence, self-worth, and sense of community. We encourage students to find a sense of belonging in all aspects of the institution, from designing degree pathways and schedules that acknowledge the unique needs of our student population, to policies that seek to achieve equity in the treatment of students. By fostering these traits, we strengthen our students’ ability to persevere and achieve their academic goals. 


Key Elements and Contributors

1. Provide branding, marketing, recruitment, and communication that convey our support of historically under-represented students (i.e., the new majority) and aim to attract students from a diverse array of backgrounds.

    • Executive Team
    • Admissions and Recruitment
    • Marketing

2. Host orientation programming that conveys our values and establishes connections between incoming students and members of the campus community (and, to an extent, the campus itself).

    • Student Orientation
    • Office of Student Affairs

3. Offer asset-oriented academic support programs that apply best-practices in equity and inclusion to support our student population.

    • Academic Success Center
    • Academic Advising Center
    • Writing Center

4. Commit to hiring practices that specifically aim to recruit and retain employees who support our goals of establishing a community of inclusion and belonging for our student population.

    • Office of Human Resources
    • Academic Deans, VPs, and other hiring managers

5. Develop faculty and peer mentorship programs that specifically aim to establish meaningful connections between campus constituents and our student population.

    • Office of Student Affairs
    • Office of the Provost

6. Provide opportunities for students to connect with one another and the community, both through academics (e.g., learning communities and experiential learning activities) and social engagements (e.g., events, clubs, social events).

    • Office of Student Affairs
    • Office of the Provost
    • Academic Deans

7. Offering services and resources (e.g., the DRC) that aim to achieve equity for students with a disability.

    • Disability Resource Center
    • Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence
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