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The Scorpion Path

The Scorpion Path

Student success is the bedrock upon which Nevada State College is built. It is a cornerstone of our institutional mission, where we pledge to offer educational opportunities that change our students’ lives for the better, and it anchors our strategic plan, which commits to significant increases in student success over the next several years. Our mission articulates that the path to these goals is paved by our own institutional excellence – that by doing our work exceedingly well, we foster the best opportunity for our students to achieve at the highest possible level.

This plan illustrates what this “excellence” entails. It examines the entire student pathway from pre-admissions to the attainment of a degree (and beyond) and describes how the full constellation of our efforts converge at critical points along that pathway to maximize the likelihood of student success.

In doing so, this document will demonstrate how different elements of the NSC experience, in areas ranging from instruction, to student services, to academic support, can best complement each other to promote positive student outcomes. Importantly, it also will help us identify areas for improvement, places where the path veers into unreasonably difficult terrain, sends students along unnecessary detours, or otherwise prevents us from achieving our mission.

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