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WICHE Passport is designed to help students transfer both to and from NSC.

"Transferring between institutions can be a complex and time-consuming process, particularly when each class must be evaluated individually” said Vickie Shields, Provost and Executive Vice President at NSC. “We’re impressed by the simplicity and standardization that Interstate Passport offers – it will be a tremendous benefit for our diverse population of students.”

Nevada State College (NSC) is a member of the Interstate Passport Network, a national program of two- and four-year colleges and universities that streamlines the transfer process for students.

The Interstate Passport program was founded in 2011, and became fully operational in 2016. Students who earn a Passport, which encompasses lower-division general education and is based on learning outcomes instead of course-by-course articulation, can transfer to a Network institution in another state and have their learning recognized and general education credits accepted. Since Interstate Passport launched in 2016, member institutions have awarded over 38,800 Passports. All students from NSC who earn a Passport can now more easily transfer to any Network member institution without having to repeat or take additional coursework to satisfy general education requirements.

Nearly four in 10 college students will transfer institutions at least once during their college careers, and almost a quarter of those will enroll in an institution in another state, according to data from the National Student Clearinghouse. Until now, transferring between schools – especially across state lines – has been made more difficult and expensive by lengthy credit evaluation processes and loss of credit already earned.

Even for students who don’t transfer, earning a Passport can be beneficial. Because of its specifically defined learning outcomes, the Passport can become a widely recognizable documented completion benchmark from which employers can gauge a prospect’s skill level and readiness for a job.

To learn more about the NSC Passport, please contact NSC Advising at 702.992.2160.

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