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School of Education Student Teaching Application

Program Contact

Sally Starkweather

School of Education Special Program Advisor

Applications for Student Teaching are accepted twice each year. All application materials must be received no later than the application deadlines below. The application process is completed online. Please read the information below and click on the link provided at the end to access the online application.

Fall semester admission:

March 15

Spring semester admission:

September 15



Eligibility Requirements

1. Completion of all courses in official degree plan.

2. Have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 or better.

3. Acceptance into the School of Education, Teacher Preparation Program which includes verification of passing Praxis CORE or CBEST scores.

The following items must be submitted with the Student Teaching Application or by designated deadlines


Make an appointment with your School of Education Mentor to discuss eligibility and coursework needed before student teaching. Take a copy of the “Advisor Review” form to the appointment.  Ask your advisor to complete and sign the form.



Submission of the Praxis Assessment Acknowledgement form is due at the time of application submission. Click here for form

Passing Praxis Subject Assessments scores are required for permanent licensure by the Nevada Department of Education (NDE). However, you are able to apply for a provisional teaching license without completion of the Praxis Assessment exams. You will be given a two-year provisional period to pass these exams and provide passing scores to the NDE and then be granted a permanent license. To ensure fulfillment of licensure requirements, students are strongly encouraged to take the test(s) prior to completing your degree. Information regarding exam dates, registration and testing sites for the Praxis Subject Assessments can be found online at

Please use this document to determine the exams you need to complete for your licensure area: PRAXIS Subject Assessment Test List



All prospective student teachers must be fingerprinted and complete the CCSD Volunteer application process.  You will need to email a copy of a current volunteer badge to the School of Education (Sally Starkweather) as directed for your application period.  If you have already completed the volunteer application process for field experiences, you will need to update your application in the CCSD system to reflect being a student teaching volunteer.

NOTE: Students DO NOT complete this task prior to submitting their application. Once the student teaching application has been submitted, the applicant will be contacted via email with further instructions regarding completion of the CCSD Volunteer application process.



Proof of possession of $1 Million in liability Insurance from either the Nevada State Education Association (NSEA) Membership. Proof of insurance is required.

The NSEA membership application can be found online at:


SUBSITUTE TEACHING LICENSE (Optional for southern Nevada students, but recommended) REQUIRED for all northern Nevada Students

Application can be found on the State of Nevada website at:

*Students who do not possess a Substitute Teaching License and are offered a position at their student teaching site may not be able to begin permanent employment with the CCSD immediately.



Initiate graduation application with the NSC Registrar’s Office. Graduation application information can be found on the NSC website at . Please submit the graduation application no later than student teaching application submission deadline.

Fall due by March 15th

Spring due by September 15th

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