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As a liberal arts and sciences student, you will develop a broad base of understanding that will BE VITAL to your future endeavors. You’ll have access to individual advising, tutoring and writing help, and career services to help you launch a career and a deeper life.

Fast Track BS to PharmD Program

Nevada State College (NSC) and Roseman University’s College of Pharmacy have partnered to offer NSC students the opportunity to accelerate their Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree through the Fast Track BS/PharmD Program.

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Potential Careers

  • Deaf Studies: Interpreter
  • Visual Media: Cinematographer, film production manager
  • Communication: Public Relations Specialist, marketing coordinator, promoter, social media strategist
  • Criminal Justice: parole/probation officer, social services worker, law enforcement officer
  • Law Enforcement: CIA or FBI agent, police supervisor, ATF agent, police officer
  • Environmental & Resource Science: hydrologist, environmental consultant, toxicologist, soil scientist
  • Biology: doctor, wildlife ecologist, biotechnology salesperson, pharmacist

Shahid Meighan

Shahid Meighan is currently learning about growing sustainable food in Malawi, Africa during his volunteer service through the Peace Corps! With the help of our professor, Dr. Chris Harris, Shahid will now be making a world-wide difference in the environmental sector for the next 2 years.


Resources & Policies

Internships & Hands-on Learning

Testing and practicing new knowledge hands-on will enhance your learning and benefit your future professional life. Nevada State College offers a variety of internships as opportunities to apply your skills within a workplace setting.