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Admissions Requirements

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The 3+1 Program is designed to streamline your path to joining the medical healthcare team.

To be considered for acceptance in the 3+1 Program, applicants must meet the following

admission requirements*:

* Have taken and completed, at a minimum, the following courses with a grade of “C” or

higher at Nevada State:

  • 12 credits of Biological Sciences
  •  3 credits of Microbiology/Immunology
  •  3 credits of Genetics (in addition to the 12 credits of biological sciences)
  • 12 credits of Chemistry (labs are not required)
  • 3 credits of Biochemistry (in addition to the 12 credits of chemistry)
  • 8 credits of Physics
  • 6 credits of English composition and/or Literature

* Completed a minimum of 90 hours of coursework at Nevada State before matriculation into Touro University Nevada.

*Admission requirements are subject to change.

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