Dual Credit Program - Nevada State College

Dual Credit Program

Welcome to the Nevada State College Dual Credit Program! NSC’s Dual Credit Program is an academic partnership between the College and community high schools that allows high school students to enroll in college level courses that concurrently satisfy their requirements for high school graduation. Students complete these courses at their current high school with instructors who have been approved by NSC. The program offers students the opportunity to have an authentic college experience while in high school and prepares participants for the transition from high school to college.


  • Exposure to college level courses in a familiar setting with familiar teachers.

  • An understanding of college requirements, policies and procedures.

  • College credits from Nevada State College which can easily be transferred to NSC or other higher education institutions.

  • A head-start on completing general education requirements for future college graduation.

  • Significant financial savings in paying for college.

  • Confidence to succeed in a higher education environment.

  • Access to Nevada State College Student resources, such as Academic Advising, Academic Success Center, Writing Center and Marydean Martin Library.

  • Guaranteed system allowing transfer of credit under the Nevada System of Higher Education.

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