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How to Pay

College is an investment of a lifetime.
BE INFORMED of your options and the resources available.

We provide a number of services to assist you with paying for college. That includes billing, installment plans, collections, and cashiering functions for student tuition and fees. We can process payments face-to-face and online. We can also set up payment plans and resolve matters related to the student account charges and/or payments.


For questions or comments, please call or e-mail the Cashier’s Office at (702) 992-2120 or

Frequently asked questions regarding school payments due to COVID-19:

No, classes are continuing remotely and we will complete the academic work of the semester.

No, we will not drop you out of classes for a past due installment plan. Please email us at so we can discuss options.

While a past due hold will remain on your account, you are able to pay the balance prior to the end of the term. Late fees will not be assessed until late April. Please email us at so we can discuss options.

At this time, the VA has advised us not to make any changes to certifications for the current term. We are awaiting further guidance about whether benefits will be affected



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