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College is an investment of a lifetime. BE INFORMED of your options and the resources available.

methods of payment

  • Online

    Online payments are a convenient, secure, and easy way to pay for your tuition and fee charges through your MyNSC student account. Methods of payment accepted online include: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

    To make payments online, please go to MyNSC

  • In Person

    By credit card/debit card: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. By cash, checks, and money orders.
    Please make checks payable to: Board of Regents
    Funds may be withdrawn from your account the day we receive your payment.

  • By Mail

    By checks and money orders. Do not send cash. Funds may be withdrawn from your account the day we receive your payment.  If you are sending a check in the mail include:
    Please make checks payable to: Board of Regents
    Include your student ID number to the check

contact us

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    • Monday-Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
      Fridays by appointment only, call 702-992-2120.
    • 702-992-2120
    • 702-992-2121

We provide a number of services to assist you with paying for college. That includes billing, installment plans, collections, and cashiering functions for student tuition and fees. We can process payments face-to-face and online. We can also set up payment plans and resolve matters related to the student account charges and/or payments. For questions or comments, please call or e-mail the Cashier's Office at (702) 992-2120 or

Student Billing

Most student charges are billed through your MyNSC student center. Items on your student account may include registration fees, tuition, late penalties and special course fees, and other miscellaneous debts. The charges may be due this month or sometime in the future. For example, tuition and fee charges are assessed immediately upon registration and are due usually three weeks prior to the start of each semester (check the academic calendar for due dates). Learn more about your MyNSC account.

Billing statements are produced electronically and sent to your email account on your MyNSC each semester as long as the account has an outstanding balance or if the account had activity during the billing cycle. Please be sure to keep your email address and other contact information up to date in the MyNSC student center.

Here's what you can expect with your student account:

  • Access your MyNSC student account e-Bill statement
  • Submit electronic payment from a credit card
  • See up-to-date student account balances
  • Confirm receipt of student account payments
  • Review list of refunds and financial aid disbursed issued through your student account
  • Review the status of your financial aid
  • Obtain information on financial, academic, or administrative blocks on your registration
  • Confirm processing of waivers or residency status

Tuition Refund Information

Students are responsible to drop classes in accordance with the dates listed in the academic calendar and may be eligible for a refund of fees if dropped within the outlined tuition refund timelines. The NSC Tuition Refund Policy can be found HERE.

Payment Information

Tuition and fees are due by the due date(s) posted for each semester. If you are on a payment plan, you must pay tuition and fees by the date payment plan installments are due. Classes will be administratively dropped if payment is made after the due date(s). If you are not administratively dropped, you are still responsible for dropping classes in compliance with the dates listed on the academic calendar.

Payment can be made online, in person, or by mail. We do not accept payments over the phone. Tuition and fees are due by the due date(s) posted for each semester. We accept major credit cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Financial Aid Payments

We understand that you may need financial help to get through college. Grants, scholarships, student employment, and loans are widely available options that can provide financial assistance. Our expert financial aid team is ready to guide you to the best solutions. Learn more

Payment Plan

We offer a payment plan option, which breaks your educational costs into easy to handle monthly payments rather than paying for the entire semester in one large sum. You can enroll in the payment plan with your MyNSC account. There is a non-refundable $25 fee to enroll in the payment plan. The payment plan allows you to pay monthly; students will not be administratively dropped so long as they make the payment by their payment plan due date. Please note that payment plans for the Fall and Spring terms can be divided up to 4 payments throughout the semester; the Summer term can only be divided into 2 payments. There is minimum balance of $400 to qualify for payment plan. Please note: some nursing fees and students in the RN to BSN program are not eligible for a payment plan.

Third Party Organization Program

Third Party Agency billing and payments refers to agencies that have agreements with Nevada State College to cover the cost of tuition and fees on behalf of specific students based on military status, agency affiliations, State of Nevada supported programs, among others. Unlike a scholarship, the sponsor(s) requires an invoice to process proper payment on behalf of a student or a group of students. For a list of participating organizations, click here.

Third Party Organization Administrators

For third party billing questions, payment processing issues and/or any other concerns please contact 702-992-2120 and ask to speak with the third party billing processor or email .


If you are expecting an outside organization to cover tuition and fees, here are the steps to follow:

  • Contact the sponsor/organization directly and obtain any required paperwork to submit to Nevada State College as a written agreement that your tuition and fees will be covered by said agency.
  • The sponsor/agency needs to send the Cashier's Office a letter of authorization or a sponsor/organization official authorization form for payment.
  • Upon receipt of the sponsor/agency form, the Cashier's Office will immediately set the third party organization contract on the student's account.
  • After the last day to add/drop classes each semester an invoice is prepared and mailed to the sponsor/organization. (For Fall semester invoices are mailed around October, For Spring semester invoices are mailed around March.)
  • Note: If the sponsor/organization/parent pays directly on the student account online, the payment is treated as a regular payment to the student's account and the payment is NOT considered Third Party Organization. Please refer to the Refund Policy for student general payments.


Student Refunds

The Cashier's Office coordinates the processing of refunds with the Financial Aid Office, the Controller's Office, and BankMobile Disbursements. Refunds are processed once a week for non-financial aid, financial aid, and PLUS loan refunds.

We are committed to delivering students' refunds, providing students with clear choices and offering great customer service. For more information about BankMobile, visit this link:

Refund Preference

For non-financial aid students, your student account will be credited according to the Nevada State College Refund Policy and the credit on the account will be refunded directly via paper check or electronic deposit based on students' preference.

Financial Aid Refunds

If you have financial aid in excess of your tuition and fees charges, your account will be credited according to Nevada State College Refund Policy. The amount of the credit on your student account will be refunded back to you after all tuition and fee charges are covered.

PLUS Loan Refunds

Federal law requires that any excess PLUS Loan funds be returned to the parent. Therefore, once we have determined that the PLUS loan created a credit balance, the refund will be mailed to the parent. The loans will first cover all tuition and fees, book charges, and any unpaid charges on the student's account. The credit balance will be mailed to the lending parent's address on file with the Office of Financial Aid, within 10 days of receipt. If a parent would like to request that any excess PLUS Loan funds to be released to their student, this must be indicated at the time of applying for the loan at

Note: The refund schedule may change without notice to comply with Federal Regulations.

NSC/Bankmobile Contract


Past Due Accounts


A student account is considered past due after any missed payment due dates.


In accordance with Board of Regents policy, Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 2:

A student or former student having a delinquent accounts receivable of $100.00 or more, or an overdue loan of any amount with any member institution of the Nevada System of Higher Education shall not be permitted to register at any institution. For the purposes of this section, delinquent accounts receivable is defined to include tuition and registration fees, student fees, special courses fees and residence life charges billed to a student's account in the student information system. An NSHE institution may include other fee categories as they deem appropriate in determination of a delinquent account.

A student or former student having a delinquent account receivable or an overdue loan of any amount with any member institution of the Nevada System of Higher Education shall not be permitted to receive a transcript of academic record, a diploma, a certificate or report of semester grades. The student or former student may; however, inspect the records under the provisions of the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

In addition, institutions may refer delinquent accounts receivable of $100.00 or more and overdue loans of any amount to a collection agency following written notification to the student or former student.

Institutions must publish on their institutional website the NSHE delinquent accounts policy, including a list of the fee categories that are applicable to the designation of a delinquent student account. This student notification must indicate that a student with a delinquent account shall not be permitted to register at any NSHE institution.

For NSC, the list of fee categories includes all tuition and registration fees, special course fees, and student fees.

Past due(delinquent) accounts are also subject to penalty charges and at the end of the semester billing cycle your past due student account will be turned over to a third party collections agency.


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