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Tony Scinta, Ph.D.

Dr. Tony Scinta is the Executive Vice Provost at Nevada State College. Dr. Scinta has invested heavily in efforts designed to improve instruction, enhance student support services, refine curricula, and generally advance the fortunes of the college’s largely non-traditional, under-served student population. He has assisted with the creation of strategic plans for the entire campus and the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, led institutional accreditation efforts as the liaison to the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, promoted the growth of the college through structured enrollment management, and guided the development of college-wide academic programs, including the Gateways to Completion program run in conjunction with the John N. Gardner Institute.
In his current role, Dr. Scinta is contributing to the College’s drive to increase student retention and graduation rates. To this end, much of his time is invested in student success initiatives, the successful integration of academic and student affairs, and an examination of how data-driven decisions and the application of effective technologies can promote improved student and institutional outcomes.
Prior to beginning his career at NSC, Dr. Scinta earned his Ph.D. from the social psychology program at the University of California, Los Angeles and spent two years as a visiting professor at Williams College. In his nearly 11 years at Nevada State College, Dr. Scinta has served as an associate professor of psychology, the Department Chair of Social Sciences, the Associate Dean of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and his current role as Executive Vice Provost.

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