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AE 9 Grade Appeal Policy

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Grade Appeal Policy and Procedure

 Grade Appeal Process

The procedures below are applicable only to examine a student’s claim of an unfair academic evaluation made by the instructor. The academic evaluation, resulting in grade assignment, will be subject to appeal if the instructor’s evaluation is based on any factors other than the student’s performance in the course and/or adherence to course requirements.

In the event a student has a dispute with the grade received in a course s/he shall discuss the accuracy of the grade with the instructor. An instructor’s clerical errors can be corrected by the completion of a CHANGE OF GRADE form, available from the student’s advisor or department. If a clerical error has not been made, and the student and instructor do not agree that the grading criteria were applied appropriately, the student can proceed to file a Departmental Grade Appeal form.

The grade appeal must be filed with the department offering the course within 20 business days of the beginning of the following semester (excluding summer). A student who fails to file within the specified time period forfeits his/her right to appeal. The department chair or designee shall attempt to resolve the conflict.

Upon receiving the Grade Appeal, the program director, department chair or designee will have five working days to request a written response to the grade appeal from the instructor. The instructor will have 10 working days to provide a response to the student appeal. No later than 20 working days after receiving the Grade Appeal, the program director, department chair, or designee will inform the instructor and student in writing of the recommended final grade. If neither the instructor nor the student contest the recommendation within five working days after receipt of the final grade recommendation, the recommendation is considered final and not subject to further appeal. The department chair will notify the student, faculty, and, in case the case that the original grade is changed, will submit a Change of Grade form to the Office of the Registrar. If the student or faculty contests the decision, they may request a College Level Appeal.

College Level Grade Appeal

A College Grade Appeal Committee will be created by the Provost to review grade appeals that either the student or faculty contest. Should the recommendation by the department chair be contested by the faculty and/or student, the Grade Appeal form and all related materials will be forwarded by the department chair/designee to the Provost within five working days.

The College Grade Appeal Committee will meet no later than 25 working days after the Grade Appeal documentation has been forwarded to the Provost. Within five working days of first meeting, the Committee shall make the final decision. The decision is not subject to appeal. The Committee chair will notify the dean, department chair, student, faculty, and, in the case that the original grade is changed, the Office of the Registrar.

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