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Personal Care Attendants for Students with Disabilities (DRC 8)

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    Disability Services
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    DRC 8
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This document describes Nevada State College’s policy on Personal Care Attendants.


See DRC 1: Disability Resource Center Definitions for all relevant definitions as they apply to DRC policies.


I. Statement on Personal Care Attendants

Nevada State College strives to accommodate individuals with disabilities as required by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilites Act Amendments Act. The College recognizes that Personal Care Attendants may be necessary, in some instances, to address the personal needs of a student with a disability in order for the student to participate in the College’s activities, classes, services, and programs. If necessary, a student may hire an impartial Personal Care Attendant in order to ensure an equitable and independent experience similar to other College students. However, since a Personal Care Attendant is a personal service, Personal Care Attendants are not provided or paid for by Nevada State College.

II. Requirements for Bringing a Personal Care Attendant to Campus

The responsibilities of a student requesting to bring a Personal Care Attendant to campus include the following:

The Personal Care Attendant is expected to:

If a Personal Care Attendant fails to abide by the above practices, the DRC Director may determine that the Personal Care Attendant will no longer be allowed to accompany the student to classrooms and/or other College sites. In that case, the student will need to make other arrangements.



Approved by Sharneé Walker, DRC Director, June 5, 2019.

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