Coronavirus Self-Reporting Form | Nevada State College

Coronavirus Self-Reporting Form

This self-reporting form is to notify the Division of Culture, Planning & Policy at Nevada State College of persons of persons who have tested positive or are presumed positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19), including yourself. Information reported in this form will be used by a designated NSC administrator to monitor trends.

Individuals who self-report should immediately follow these next steps:

  1. Complete the CDC Isolation and Exposure Calculator:
  2. Report your positive case through Nevada Health Response.
  3. Follow instructions from your healthcare provider, the Southern Nevada Health District and the CDC regarding self-isolation. Note that violating SNHD orders to self-isolate or self-quarantine is punishable by state law.

Nevada State College will take every effort to protect personally identifiable information shared in this document and will not disclose your identity or the identity of anyone with a coronavirus diagnosis unless disclosure to safety and first aid personnel is required for emergency treatment or is otherwise required by law.

Self-Assessment Tool

Unsure if you should quarantine? Use this self-assessment tool to determine if you should.

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