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The purpose of the Nevada State College CARE Team is to assess, discuss, and recommend intervention to the appropriate campus departments, divisions or persons in response to significant campus situations and events such as: issues of bias, student death or significant trauma, problematic student situations involving medical or psychological concerns, and campus emergency situations that directly affect the well-being of students and the campus community at large.


To maintain a safe and secure learning environment at Nevada State College by addressing the physical and psychological issues that impact students, faculty and staff in the pursuit of the educational process.

Case Manager Laura Hinojosa:

Laura Hinojosa is the Nevada State College Case Manager. Her role is to ensure that students have all of the support they need, both inside and outside the classroom, to be successful. Along with support and guidance, Laura can help connect you with on-campus and community resources that you may need.

Additional persons may be brought in as the need and situation warrants and may include but is not limited to:

  • Provost
  • Faculty members as appropriate
  • Local law enforcement representative(s)
  • Municipal Mental Health Agencies
  • NSC Lawyer & General Counsel


The CARE Team meets on a monthly basis or sooner if an event or situation arises that requires immediate review and intervention. Records of the meetings and recommendations will be made and kept with the College Case Manager. For confidentiality concerns, the names of the individual persons being reviewed will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Reporting a Concern:

A faculty or staff member may report any concerns about students to the Case Manager or any team member. To report these concerns, follow the instructions below:

Instructions for faculty/staff:

1. Login to the Scorpion Success Network Click here
2. Search for the student using the search bar in the upper right corner of your screen and click on their name
3. In the upper left corner of the student's profile, click the "Flag" button
4. Select the "CARE Team Flag" and provide as much detail as possible

Instructions for Student Self-Referral:

1. Login to the Scorpion Success Network Click here
2. Click on the menu button in the top left corner of the home page
3. Click on "Raise Your Hand"
4. Complete the referral


All persons involved in the CARE Team meetings and assessments are to adhere to the laws and regulations that govern the disclosure of information to third parties. Any names that are discussed will be kept in the strictest confidence. Such information is only disclosed on an administrative need to know basis and only according to the relevant statutes that govern such disclosure.

Any institutional representative serving in a therapeutic role for students (i.e. mental health counselor) will disclose information only if exigent circumstances exists and meets the criteria for release under HIPAA and psychological ethical guidelines.

Procedures for when a meeting is convened:

  • Assess the situation in order to understand the issue.
  • Identify those who may be affected and need support, including friends, roommates, spouse, family, faculty, etc. Identify all communities that may be involved.
  • Notify appropriate offices.
  • Assure that appropriate services are recommended and available.
  • Follow up to evaluate what services have taken place and the impact of those services in allowing closure to the situation.
  • Initiate and recommend further actions if needed.


NSC CARE Team will develop a training module to be offered to the campus community (faculty and staff). The training module will include:

  • information on the services available to the campus community,
  • the necessity for early intervention,
  • the role and purpose of the CARE Team at NSC, and
  • what types of actions the CARE Team may recommend.

Notification of Parents / Family Member / Emergency Contact:

The confidentiality of the student’s educational record shall be held in the utmost regard. As per the rules and regulations from FERPA, NSC CARE Team will not release any educational records unless a written release is obtained. The exception allowed under FERPA for disclosure based upon health and safety emergencies shall be used only if the event is immediate and requires intervention by persons outside of the CARE Team itself. The contacting of parents should be based upon the best practices established under FERPA along with the consensus of the CARE Team. Contact should be made through the Case Manager and/or the Office of the Dean of Students (both representing the CARE Team and the College).

NSC Food Pantry:

Being a college student can be a full time job. Don't let hunger keep you from doing your best. Nevada State College has an onsite food pantry available to all NSC students. The food pantry is maintained through donations and consists of non-perishable goods and hygiene products. No application process or qualifying factors needed to access the food pantry.  Open door policy. Contact Laura Hinojosa to receive services or get more information.

To make a donation, drop items at: RSC 250 RSC 251 Library Front Desk Financial Aid Front Desk


Additional answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

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