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Phone: 702-992-2611
Location: RSC 128
Social Media: NSCCareer
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Career Advising Appointments & Drop-In Hours

Need career advising? Connect with the Career Services Center via in-person drop-in hours (no appointment needed) or by scheduling a virtual appointment!

TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: Students and alumni can schedule a virtual career advising appointment with a Career Services Center staff member.  Virtual appointments are via phone or video.  Schedule a virtual career advising appointment at:

Our office follows a strict appointment attendance policy to encourage students to be mindful of others' time and effort, and to ensure there is not an overabundance of cancellations, reschedules, or no-shows.

SEMESTER DROP-IN HOURS: Spring 2022 drop-in hours start Tuesday, January 18.  Students and alumni can visit the Career Services Center and receive career advising assistance during our drop-in hours.  Drop-in sessions are first-come, first-serve; an appointment is not necessary.  Our semester drop-in hours are:

  • Mondays: 1pm-5pm
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: 12pm - 5pm
  • Wednesdays: 12pm-3pm
  • Fridays: 10am-5pm

Students and alumni can get assistance with the following services during drop-in hours or scheduled appointments (note services with an asterisk* are appointment-only services and are not available during drop-in hours):

  • Major/Career Exploration
  • Resume/Cover Letter Assistance
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Internship Search Assistance*
  • Volunteer Search Assistance
  • Interview Preparation Assistance*
  • Graduate/Professional School Assistance*
  • Online Career Platforms: Handshake, Focus2, Big Interview, LinkedIn, and Parker Dewey Micro-Internships

Students and alumni will not be able to get assistance with internships, mock interviews, and/or graduate school during drop-in hours as these services are appointment-only services.  Students and alumni can schedule an appointment for these services at and select the appropriate appointment type.

CEP/ALS Career Services Video Presentation 

All CEP/ALS students are instructed per their course syllabus to watch the FA21 CEP/ALS Video: Introduction to Career Services. Note that some CEP/ALS instructors also assigned students to complete the corresponding FA21 CSC Video Worksheet as class credit or extra credit.  Students who complete the worksheet must turn it into their instructors.

Career Handouts

Review the career handouts and resources below.  (Note these resources, plus more, can also be found on Handshake in the Resource Library section.  View this 2-minute video tutorial to learn more.)

Resume Guide - this resource includes several sample resumes as well as a Resume Checklist, Resume Action Verbs, and more. Need a resume template that follows basic resume rules and guidelines?  Download the templates below:

Sample Cover Letter - this resource includes a sample cover letter and includes a list of Do's and Don'ts

Sample Reference Page - this resource includes a sample reference page and includes a list of Do's and Don'ts

Work Opportunities During COVID-19 - a resource of local employment and remote job opportunities.

Job Search Resources During COVID-19 - a resource listing job search strategies and helpful online resources.

Job Search Safety Tips: Avoiding Job Scams - a resource to learn about job search safety tips and common red flags of fraudulent job postings.

4-Year Career Development Plan - a resource listing important career exploration/development activities and experiences to complete during college so you are better prepared and qualified for your career post-graduation.

Email correspondence is a very common form of communication in the job search, the workplace, and in a college environment.  When contacting employers, work colleagues, and/or faculty/staff, it is very important to use proper email etiquette as impressions will be formed based on the email you write.  Review this Email Etiquette resource to ensure you make a good, professional impression!


NSC provides opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience in their degree field through our internship program. If you are interested in learning more about the program and the benefits of participating in an internship, please navigate to our internship webpage.

If you are a student in the School or Nursing or School of Education and have questions regarding nursing clinicals or student teaching, please contact one of the following staff:

Career Video Library

The Career Video Library is an on-demand database of career video content and career development webinars. Learn information about local employers and their job/internship opportunities, view webinars on applying for graduate school, and discover workshops on a variety of career development skills. All videos have been pre-recorded and are accessible at any time of day. New videos will be added to the Career Video Library regularly.

To access the Career Video Library, click here. You will be prompted to sign in with your NSHE ID# and NSC password.

Dress for Success - Professional Attire Services

Dress for Success of Southern Nevada (DFSSN) is a non-profit organization that assists local women by providing free professional attire and career development resources. DFSSN provides clients with 1 FREE business suit/outfit as well as appropriate accessories and footwear for use at career fairs, networking events, and job interviews.  Once a client successfully lands a job, the client can return to DFSSN to receive up to 1 weeks worth of business attire. (Professional attire are donations that are either new or gently used.)

Nevada State College is a DFSSN Community Referral Partner, which means NSC students that are in need of professional feminine attire can schedule a DFSSN suiting appointment by filling out a DFSSN Client Referral Form.  All suiting appointments will take place at the DFSSN Boutique. (Due to COVID, suiting appointments may be either in-person or contactless suiting appointments.  As of August 2021, DFSSN is offering only contactless suitings.)

TO SCHEDULE A SUITING APPOINTMENT: Email with Subject Line: Dress for Success Referral Form to request access to the online Client Referral Form.  Once you receive an email response with the link, please ensure you fill out the form correctly by reading the instructions below:

  • Fill out all applicable fields with your information, including your phone and email address. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required, however DFSSN advises completing as many fields as possible.
  • Suiting Voucher: Select No and leave Voucher # field blank.
  • Suiting (Select one): Select the response that aligns with your current situation.  If you don't have an interview or are not currently employed, we advise selecting "Job Training" or "Other."
  • Part 1 - Referral Agency Information: Complete the following fields as listed below:
    • Agency Name: Nevada State College Career Services
    • Contact Name: Nicole Wesley (Director)
    • Contact Phone: 702-992-2607
    • Email Address:
  • Once you submit the online form, DFSSN will contact you within 5 business days via phone to schedule your suiting appointment.
  • Questions? Email

For more information on DFSSN, visit

Big Interview

Learn and practice your interview skills with Big Interview!  Big Interview is an online interview preparation system that combines training AND mock interview practice to help improve interview skills and build confidence.

To create a Big Interview account:

  • Go to and click on “Register.”
  • Enter your name, email address, and password.
  • Use Organization Code: Scorpion1300
  • Click “Create My Account.” A new page will appear.
  • Click Login and enter your credentials. (Remember your credentials for future reference.)

For more information about Big Interview, watch this 1-minute introductory video here.

You can also watch additional introductory videos here.

Parker Dewey Micro-Internships

Parker Dewey is a mission-oriented organization that helps connect great talent with great companies through micro-internships.  Micro-Internships are short-term, paid, professional projects that are similar to those given to new hires or interns.  These paid projects enable individuals to demonstrate skills, explore career paths, expand their networks, and build their resumes.

Micro-Internships can take place year-round, ranging from 5 to 40 hours of work, and are most often completed between one week and one months’ time.  Most micro-internships are remote and creating an account is free.

To create a Parker Dewey Micro-Internships account:

  • Visit Click on the “Apply for Micro-Internships” button.
  • Create a profile. Watch a 7-minute Parker Dewey Introduction Video on how the platform works and tips on applying. Or watch these 1-minute Parker Dewey Tutorials. Create a profile that is complete and free of errors, especially your education and experience.  Upload a resume and a link to your LinkedIn profile. Samples of your work from classes, internships, part-time jobs, etc. can also be helpful.  Students with complete profiles are more likely to be selected.
  • Apply to micro-internships of interest. The application process involves completing one or more short-answer questions.  (These questions also typically serve as the interview as most companies do not request a formal interview.  Some do, but this is rare.)  Apply to as many projects of interest. New opportunities are posted regularly and projects come and go very quickly.

All students and alumni of Nevada State College are eligible for micro-internships through our partner organization, Parker Dewey.  (This includes all DREAMers as well.) Students and alumni do not need to have DACA or TPS to apply to micro-internships.  All micro-internships are structured as independent contract work, which means successful applicants would be hired by Parker Dewey as independent contractors using a valid ITIN or SSN.  DREAMers can find more information in the “For DREAMers” section at

For more information on Parker Dewey, visit or visit the Parker Dewey YouTube Channel.

Forage - Virtual Work Experiences

Forage offers virtual, self-paced work experience programs that simulate real-world work tasks.  Develop your skills and gain a real understanding of different roles and industries by working through self-paced modules, with tasks similar to those you would undertake during a traditional internship. Programs are designed by leading companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Deloitte, GE, and Citi Bank.

What does it involve?

  • You will work through a series of resources and hypothetical tasks that are designed to simulate the sort of work you would undertake as an intern or full-time employee at the organization. It's a unique opportunity for you to try out a career at your own pace and in your own time, from the comfort of your home.
  • It takes five to six hours to complete one program and you can complete as many programs as you like. All experiences are completely free of charge for NSC students and alumni.  All students and alumni are eligible to participate in virtual work experiences through Forage, including DREAMers.
  • Because these are simulated work experiences, these are NOT paid experiences.

Programs include:

  • Video instructions and real life examples of task completion from employees who work at that organization
  • Work that reflects real day-to-day tasks of interns and employees
  • Curated resources to help you complete the tasks

What are the benefits?

  • Sample what real life work at leading companies would be like
  • Try out different types of work and discover which career path is right for you
  • Build confidence and gain skills to get you ready for the workplace
  • Boost your resume with a company-branded virtual experience program and get a personalized certificate for your LinkedIn profile
  • Get noticed by national recruiters from industry leading companies

How can I take part?

There are no lengthy application processes as programs are free and accessible to all students and alumni. Simply pick your program and create a free account on the Forage website to get started.  You can also view Forage's Full Catalog of Experiences organized by area of focus and skills.

The Career Services Center provides assistance to currently enrolled students and alumni with the career exploration and planning process.  From career advising walk-in visits and appointments to career development workshops, students are encourage to explore, prepare and invest in their career goals. Services offered by the Career Services Center include:

  • Major/Career Exploration
  • Career Planning
  • Resume Assistance
  • Cover Letter Assistance
  • Volunteer Search Assistance
  • Job Search Assistance
  • Internship Search Assistance
  • Interview Preparation
  • Graduate School Assistance
  • Assistance with our online career platforms, including:
    • Handshake Assistance
    • Focus2 Assistance
    • Big Interview Assistance
    • LinkedIn Assistance



The Career Services Center offers its students and alumni a modern career development platform called Handshake. Through Handshake, students can:

  • Find and apply to on-campus student worker positions
  • Apply to local and national job and internship positions, personalized based on your major and interests
  • Connect and interact with recruiting employers and build your career community
  • Learn about and register for local and on-campus career fairs and networking events
  • Explore the Resource Library to find online career-related resources and handouts pertaining to career/major exploration, resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and more
  • View a personalized news feed containing the latest information and career events from NSC Career Services Center and your favorite employers you follow
  • View our Handshake Student User Guide and/or our NSC Career Services YouTube channel to help you get started!

Handshake Log-In Instructions

Only current NSC students and alumni have access to Handshake. (Past students who attended NSC but did not graduate cannot gain access to Handshake.)

Handshake - Current Student and Recent Alumni Log-In

All current NSC students and recent alumni (who graduated on or after May 2017) already have a Handshake account created – you just need to log in the first time to activate it! To log in:

  • Visit
  • Click on the blue NSC Login button.
  • Enter your NSHE ID# and password associated with your NSC account
  • Having issues?  Email

If you can't recall your password, view this 3-minute Trouble Logging into Handshake video.  If you don't know what email address your Handshake account is connected to (more than likely, it is a personal email account that you gave to the Registrar's office when you were first admitted as a student), email to inquire.

Handshake – Alumni Log-In

If you are an NSC alumni (who graduated prior to May 2017), you must complete the following steps:

If you are an NSC alumni (who graduated May 2017 or after), you more than likely already have a Handshake account and can log in using the log-in instructions above. Note the following:

  • If you can't recall your password, view this 3-minute Trouble Logging into Handshake video.
  • If you don't know what email address your Handshake account is connected to (more than likely, it is a personal email account that you gave to the Registrar's office when you were first admitted as a student), email to inquire.

Handshake’s Resource Tool

Nevada State College offers a variety of online career resources, which can all be found on Handshake’s Resources section. These free resources include:

  • Focus2: NSC's online major/career exploration and planning tool, offering free self-assessments and career education resources
  • What Can I Do With This Major?: What Can I Do With This Major? is a helpful major exploration tool that can help connect academic majors to career paths.  Learn about the types of employers that hire individuals pursuing each major, as well as strategies to make you a more marketable candidate.
  • Occupational Outlook: Occupational Outlook Handbook is the U.S. government's premier source of career guidance featuring hundreds of occupations.  Gather career information such as job descriptions, educational requirements, salary ranges, and employment outlook.
  • O*Net Occupational Information Network: The O*NET program is the nation's primary source of occupational information. The database contains information on hundreds of standardized and occupation-specific descriptors on almost 1,000 occupations. The Occupational Information Database also provides valuable assessment and career exploration tools for students looking to find or change careers.
  • Glassdoor: Glassdoor gives you the inside scoop on companies with anonymous employee reviews, salary and interview insight, and more. Glassdoor also hosts its own job board.
  • Buzzfile: Buzzfile is a comprehensive employers-by-major resource available to colleges and universities. Students can discover, research, and locate thousands of potential employers based on the student's college majors.
  • Big Interview:  Big Interview is a free online interview preparation resource, offering short interview preparation courses, video mock interviewing practice and interview tips.
  • Online Career Handouts: The Career Services Center has created multiple career handouts on topics such as career/major exploration, resume writing and samples, interview skills, and more.  Students can also find and view “What Can I Do with My NSC Major in…” handouts specific to their major.

To access these resources within Handshake:

  • Log into your Handshake account (see log-in instructions above).
  • On the top right corner, click on the “Career Services” drop-down menu. Then click on the “Resources” link.


Focus2 is an online major/career exploration and planning tool designed to help college students make decisions about future career goals and education plans. Focus2 provides 5 self-assessments to help you identify your top work interests, values, skills, personality type, and leisure time interests. You can also explore occupations and majors compatible with your unique results. Use Focus2 to help choose or change your major and also to verify your choice of a career field.

To Access Focus2:

  • Visit
  • Click on the “Register” button to create a new account
  • Fill out the required fields and use access code: Scorpion1300
  • Remember your username and password for future reference

Download and complete this Focus2 Worksheet.

me3 Game

Do you want to explore career and major options?  Play a unique 60 image game that helps assess your interest area and matches them to careers and majors offered by NSHE institutions (i.e. Nevada State College, University of Nevada - Las Vegas, University of Nevada - Reno, etc.). Learn more about me3 by visiting


What Can I Do With This Major? is a helpful major exploration tool that can help connect academic majors to career paths. Learn about the types of employers that hire individuals pursuing each major, as well as strategies to make you a more marketable candidate. To access this website, visit Otherwise, you can access this resource by logging into Handshake and going to the "Resources" section.

Please note: NSC Career Services pays a subscription fee for students to access this website.  Therefore, students can only access this website from this current web page ( or via Handshake in the Resources section. Students cannot simply type the URL into a browser as the content won't be accessible to view.


Students looking for part-time employment on-campus can find open positions on Handshake at (All NSC students already have a Handshake account. Please refer to the Handshake section above for log-in instructions.) Student workers are able to work a maximum of 19.5 hours per week and work schedules will be accommodated to fit the student’s class schedule. Hourly pay varies and is dependent upon the student worker position and campus department.


The First Destination Survey is a survey required for recent graduates that provides the Career Services Center with information on what alumni are doing post-graduation. Only graduating seniors and recent NSC alumni are invited to participate in this important post-graduation outcomes survey.  There are 2 ways to access the First Destination Survey:

Option 1: Handshake Email

Open the email sent from Handshake and click "Take Survey" button at the bottom of the email.

Option 2: Log into Handshake

  • Visit
  • Click on the blue NSC login button.
  • Enter your NSHE ID# and your password associated with your NSC portal account.
  • Once logged in, click on the "Career Center" drop down in the top right corner and select "First Destination Survey."


The Career Services Center encourages employers to connect with the campus via advertising internship and job opportunities, hosting on-campus company information sessions and on-campus tabling events, and participating in professional development workshops, and career fairs and events for our students and alumni.

For specific employer recruitment inquiries, please contact our Coordinator of Employer Relations, Zachary Kicenski, at 702-992-2606 or via email at

For employer inquiries regarding internships, please contact our Internship Manager, Kaytee Johns, at 702-992-2608 or via email at


Employers - please post your job/internship opportunities to our FREE modern college recruiting management platform - Handshake – which is accessible to our 4,200+ students and alumni.  Handshake is where students and alumni first look when searching for job and internship opportunities, so posting to this online platform is beneficial. Once you create a Handshake Employer Account and connect to our school, you will also be added to our employer database and receive communication on upcoming recruitment events on campus.

Through Handshake, employers and their staff can:

  • Post vacancies for full-time positions, part-time positions, and internship opportunities
  • Advertise hiring and recruitment events
  • Manage ALL college campus recruiting efforts with Handshake at no cost (Handshake works with 600+ colleges and universities across the country; UNR also uses Handshake, as well as the 3 state schools in Arizona)
  • Handle college recruiting needs via a mobile experience – update job postings, view applicants, and more all while on the go using Handshake’s responsive design
  • View and register for upcoming NSC Career Fairs and events
  • View students’ public Handshake profiles and message them within the platform

If you are a new employer to the system, you will need to register as a new user and then create a new job posting at (Please read and review this Handshake Employer User Guide to get started.) The process should only take 5-10 minutes to complete.  Once you create a new Handshake Employer Account and connect with our school, please inform us via email at so that we can expedite the review and pending approval request from your organization. Once your posting is approved and activated on Handshake, NSC Career Services can also highlight your posting by advertising via other means such as our social media accounts, monthly newsletter, and sharing with relevant students and professors.

Should you need assistance navigating Handshake, please refer to Handshake Support Center (this site offers helpful 2-minute training videos and articles with screenshots) at  You can also contact our Coordinator of Employer Relations, Zachary Kicenski, at 702-992-2606 or via email at

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