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BE AWARE that your tuition and other fees are based on the number of credits in which you enroll, and can vary by class subject.

You know that college costs money, but do you know the difference between tuition and fees? Tuition pays for teaching, covering the base cost per credit hour to the school for providing you an enthusiastic, equipped professor who prepares your awesome course content! Fees cover anything required outside of basic academic service, like a technology fee so you can access wifi throughout campus or a lab fee for fresh specimens to examine, and may be charged on a per credit, per course, per semester, or one-time basis.

Nevada State College’s tuition and fee rates and are set by the Board of Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE), and are nearly half the national average cost for public four-year institutions. Visit The Board of Regents: Procedures and Guidelines Manual, Chapter 7 for more information on how NSHE determines and approve rates for all Nevada public institutions.

View and download current and past tuition and fee rate schedules below to get a clear picture of the fixed costs of attendance. Armed with this information, and our many options for financial aid, scholarships, and financial literacy training, BE BUDGET-CONSCIOUS and make your dream of a degree reality!

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