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Breakout Session 1

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Breakout Session 1: Workshops
Please select one of the following four workshops to attend during this session.

Mental Health Services for People of Color

Themes: people of color, mental health, self-care

Daniel Alvarado and Lorilee Sutton will share information regarding barriers to people of color accessing mental health services including stigmatization, the process of migration, systemic racism, and institutional barriers. They will also share information on how to encourage individuals to access treatment and conclude with self-care information.

College of Southern Nevada (CSN) Presenters

Daniel Alvarado, Ed.D. | Director of Counseling and Disability Services

Before his current position at CSN, Daniel served as associate director for student services at the North Carolina Community College System Office in Raleigh, North Carolina, and previous to that served as director for counseling at Vance-Granville Community College in Henderson, North Carolina. Daniel holds an associate’s degree in business management, a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and a doctorate in education leadership from Wingate University. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and proud father of two sons, Timothy Jared and Jordan Emmanuel.

Lorilee Sutton | Program Manager of Counseling and Psychological Services

Lorilee has over 20 years’ experience in the mental health field working with diverse populations in a variety of settings including higher education, addiction treatment, and juvenile justice services. Lorilee holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling.

Interrupting Microaggressions in a Health Care Setting

Themes: disparities, empathy, cultural competence

This workshop session will introduce the concept of microaggressions, their impact, and ways to address them. This workshop is adapted from an evidence-based training program at New York University School of Medicine. It is a stand-alone session and does not require any formal pre-requisite knowledge. This workshop will include an introduction and group agreement, group discussion, microaggression activity, and reflection.

Nevada State College (NSC) Presenter

Michael Johnson, Ph.D., RN, PMH-BC, CNE | Assistant Professor, Director of Clinical Partnerships | School of Nursing

Michael is nationally recognized for his research on health disparities. He has published 20 scientific articles and book chapters. He regularly consults with hospitals in Las Vegas on equity and inclusion. His doctorate from Medical University of South Carolina focused on health disparities among vulnerable populations. He is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse.

Transforming Transgender and Gender Diverse Support in Higher Education

Themes: transgender, gender diversity, interdisciplinary team

Transgender and gender diverse individuals have been in the spotlight around the country, ranging from increased representation (e.g. Pose) to anti-trans legislation targeting trans and gender diverse youth. This session will be an interactive workshop designed to assist people in building trans and gender safety and care at their workplace. The workshop will begin with a brief overview of gender terminology and impact of support and discrimination, explore how we developed an interdisciplinary transgender care team, and provide feedback to participants seeking to build their own team focused on creating a safe environment for trans and gender diverse students.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Presenters

Christina A. Patterson, Ph.D. | Staff Psychologist | Student Counseling and Psychological Services

Christina is a member of the Transgender Care Team and supervises the LGBTQ+ Training Rotation. They serve as president-elect for the Society for the Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity and are a WPATH member.

Salvatore Biazzo, D.O. | Senior Staff Physician | Student Wellness Center

Salvatore is a board-certified practicing family medicine physician who joined UNLV in 2007 and developed the UNLV Student Wellness Transgender Care Team. He is a member of the Nevada Minority Health and Equity Coalition and the Nevada Gender Affirming Healthcare Project. Salvatore is a physician member of WPATH.

Kristen Enos | Business Analyst | Student Wellness Center

Kristen has over 25 years’ experience in information technology and systems support. As a cis-gender lesbian, she (her/hers) also has over 30 years as an LGBTQIA+ activist and writer and Lambda Literary Awards finalist.

The Value of Cultivating Age-Friendly Initiatives in Higher Education

Themes: age inclusivity, age-friendly initiatives, age diverse institution

This session will engage participants in robust discourse around the value of infusing age-friendly initiatives on college and university campuses today. Participants will explore personal perspectives on aging, ageism, and the concept of life-long learning in the higher education setting; will be introduced to tools for advancing age inclusivity in their institutions; will glean key information about Age-Friendly University (AFU) global network’s ten principles which when adopted, embody an institution’s commitment to becoming more age-friendly in their programs and policies; and will leave the session empowered and eager to positively influence their campus communities through the cultivation of age-friending initiatives.

Nevada State College (NSC) Presenter

LaTricia Perry, Ph.D., MSN, RN, CNE | Associate Dean | School of Nursing

LaTricia is a doctorally-prepared gerontologist and registered nurse of 25 years. LaTricia’s academic preparation uniquely positions her at the intersection of geriatrics and gerontology; a space she intends to leverage to promote positive aging experiences.

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