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Breakout Session 2

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Breakout Session 2: Workshops
Please select one of the following four workshops to attend during this session.

Who Am I? Who Are You? Let’s Talk About It!

Themes: pedagogy, immigrant students, cultural wealth

Using the resources from and based on the book “Tell Me Who You Are,” this session seeks to answer the questions “Who am I? who are you? and who are we?” In an interactive workshop presented through both hands-on and digital activities, attendees will explore how they relate to institutions and systems, as well as other individuals and groups. At the end of this session attendees will leave with a toolkit of activities and lessons to begin the work of racial literacy in their classroom, school, or organization.

Clark County School District (CCSD) Presenters

Silvina Jover | Educator, Bilingual Social Studies

Originally from Uruguay, Silvina advocates for immigrant students and families in the U.S., focusing her pedagogy on the development of critical thinking skills, rooted in an understanding of the cultural wealth of each of her students.

Machelle Rasmussen | Educator, World History, Chinese, AP Human Geography, and AP Psychology

Machelle is an educator, wife, mother of four, veteran, foreign language advocate and book addict. Serving with Air Force and Army National Guard, Machelle was able to work with diverse interregional and international groups giving her perspective and critical skills in building spaces of respect and equality.

White Fragility: What is It?

Themes: Racial Inequality, Injustice, Privilege

This presentation is based on the work of Robin Diangelo Ph.D., author of “White Fragility” (2018). In the wake of social and political movements over the years, higher education systems have increasingly taken steps to promote discussions around diversity, equity, and inclusion. In diversity discussions, “white fragility” is a phrase that has been increasingly used. The presenters will discuss white fragility and how white people can develop their capacity to engage more constructively across races. Specifically, a discussion will be hosted on how it protects racial inequality, and what higher education systems can do to engage constructively in these conversations.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Presenters

Liz Carrasco | Staff Therapist, Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Liz is a licensed psychotherapist and trauma specialist. She uses a feminist multi-cultural, trauma-informed lens. She has been a long-time community advocate for social justice and feminism and trained in dismantling racism. She is also a School of Social Work instructor.

Sonaly Silva, Psy.D. | Staff Psychologist, Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Sonaly is a licensed psychologist and currently serves as the chair of the diversity committee at UNLV CAPS. She has a special clinical interest in working with acculturation issues, racial trauma, and identity development concerns. She is a strong advocate for social justice and equity, and her approach to clinical concerns includes using a multicultural framework and catering to the individual’s specific needs.

Christina A. Patterson, Ph.D. | Staff Psychologist, Student Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Christina is a licensed psychologist and their research focuses on building cultural competence and scholarship and teaching of racism. They have co-developed and co-led Dismantling White Supremacy workshops for other psychologists. Clinically, they specialize in LGBTQ+ healthcare.

Changing the Narrative: Using Minority Essays to Engage Students in Conversation and Understanding

Themes: engagement, minority, discussion

The session will focus on how essays by minorities—including race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation—show students what they have in common with these characters/authors, and how they can imagine walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. The session will include activities to find commonalities, to engage students in conversations that they might not feel comfortable with originally, but through constructive reading and conversation starters, students can imagine life in another person’s situation and look at the privilege they have and what they may not have. This will have interactive activities for groups, open discussion, and examples for the classroom.

College of Southern Nevada (CSN) Presenter

Angela Spires | Full-Time Tenure Track Instructor, English

Angela Spires has master’s degrees in English and education. She also has a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. She has been teaching English courses for more than 11 years. She currently lives in Henderson, Nevada.

Are You Privileged and Don’t Know It?

Themes: privilege, personal awareness, intersectionality

What is privilege? Do we all have it? Why, is it a delicate subject? How does it show up? Is anything wrong with privilege? Are there myths about privilege? Does privilege contribute to disharmony in relationships? Inequity in society? Disparity in schooling? How does intersectionality factor into privilege? What, if anything, can individuals or groups do about privilege? If you are open to self-reflection and want to increase personal awareness, this interactive presentation is for you!

College of Southern Nevada (CSN) Presenter

Andrea Brown, Ph.D. | Professor, Department of Human Behavior

Andrea teaches a variety of undergraduate psychology courses. She earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Otterbein University and master’s degree and a doctorate in counselor education and counseling psychology from Arizona State University.

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