Beth Vasquez, MS, CCC-SLP

Mrs. Beth Vasquez has worked as a speech-language pathologist for over 18 years.  She graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2003 with her Master Degree in Speech-Language Pathology.  She has primarily worked with young children and school-aged children during this time.  She specializes in pediatric feeding, autism, language disorders, early intervention and speech sound disorders.  She is a native to Las Vegas and is committed to developing future speech-language pathologists to help assist with the growing demand of speech therapy.  She has presented on a variety of topics to educators and family members.  Over the years she has supervised many students and enjoys sharing her knowledge and expertise.  She enjoys spending time with her family and taking her two French Bulldogs for walks to the park.

Beth Vasquez CV 2021

Steve Hayden, Ph.D.

My name is Steve (he/him), an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education with a literacy focus at Nevada State College. Agency or teacher agency (making choices, exerting influence, and taking stances for beneficial change in self, students, or community) drives my teaching, research, and service. I believe in the intergenerational nature of literacy, that much learning occurs beyond traditional school settings, in a variety of cultures, and that learning is a lifelong process. Agency is the healthy link between teaching, community, and literacy; the conscious role people play in bringing about social change.

I have a Bachelors degree in Consumer Relations from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a Masters in Teaching from the University of South Florida, and a Ph.D. in Teacher Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I have extensive teaching experience across elementary, middle grades, and higher education contexts. I entered teaching motivated by the idea that a career in education allowed me the opportunity to affect change, on a grand scale, in an industry in need of talented professionals. I have never looked back.

André Lindsey, Ph.D. CCC/SLP

Dr. André Lindsey is an assistant professor of speech-language pathology. As an educator, his goal is to support the development of dynamic well-rounded clinicians. His research examines the relationship between language, memory, and executive functions. Using a combination of behavioral and physiological tools and techniques, his research targets identifying means to assess and remediate impairments that occur as a result of traumatic brain injury (TBI). He earned his Ph.D. in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences from the University of Connecticut. Following his time in Storrs, he was an Associate Health Polytrauma Fellow at the Edward Hines Jr. VA in Hines, IL, and a postdoc in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation in the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Clinically, he has worked in short and long-term rehab assessing and treating many neurogenic populations including, but not limited to, individuals with TBI, stroke, dementia, and Parkinson’s.

Lindsey CV Aug 2021 (PDF)