Lashaun Limbrick, Ph.D., NCC, NCSC

Dr. Lashaun Limbrick is currently serving as an Interim Lecturer of Counseling. He received his B.A. in Psychology from Nevada State College, M.S. in School Counseling from the University of Phoenix, and earned a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies, International Education, and Multicultural Education from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is a National Certified Counselor and National Certified School Counselor. Dr. Limbrick is an experienced School Counselor and remains passionate about helping K-12 students with their social/emotional, academic, and career goals. In addition, he has supervised graduate School Counseling students that aspired to become a School Counselor. Dr. Limbrick was a first-generation college student, who was born and raised right here in Las Vegas, Nevada.Research Interests: His research examines issues related to internal and external supports within higher education institutions as it relates to Black males. Additionally, he is interested in topics related to Counselor Education, Multicultural Education, and Qualitative Research Methodologies.Courses Taught: PSY 101 General Psychology, COU 300 Introduction to Human Services and Counseling, COU 315 Counseling Skills in Human Services, and PSY/COU 497 Supervised Field Experience

Andrew Lavengood-Ryan, M.A.

I was a first generation college student; I was the first in my family to go to college and to graduate with a master’s degree. As a first gen student, I often encountered roadblocks and wrong turns in my academic journey; I failed out of my first math program, I transferred between multiple colleges and universities, and I switched my major a countable but large number of times. I made it through all of these challenges because I had perseverance, grit, and a strong social support group. My new academic goal is to become the first in my family to hold a doctoral degree; this feeds into my belief that we are never done learning, and that we should consistently strive to set new goals for ourselves.

I find a lot of joy in doing mathematics, talking about mathematics, teaching mathematics – just about anything involving mathematics. However, I also make time to enjoy life outside of academia. I’m a gamer (board games & video games), I love to travel by land and sea, and I find special joy in finding new, delicious places to eat with my husband. Our current favorite breakfast place in the valley is Scrambled – got a better place to recommend? Stop by and let me know!

Jessica Parks, Ph.D.

Dr. Parks teaches Principles of Managerial Finance and other courses in the Financial Services concentration. The concentration provides an overview to various financial services professions including banking, investment planning, financial planning, and financial counseling.

She completed her doctoral education from the University of Georgia. Her research focuses on the use of poverty simulations and college students’ attitudes towards poverty.

Her pronouns are she/her/hers.