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Andrew Lavengood-Ryan, M.A.

I was a first generation college student; I was the first in my family to go to college and to graduate with a master’s degree. As a first gen student, I often encountered roadblocks and wrong turns in my academic journey; I failed out of my first math program, I transferred between multiple colleges and universities, and I switched my major a countable but large number of times. I made it through all of these challenges because I had perseverance, grit, and a strong social support group. My new academic goal is to become the first in my family to hold a doctoral degree; this feeds into my belief that we are never done learning, and that we should consistently strive to set new goals for ourselves.

I find a lot of joy in doing mathematics, talking about mathematics, teaching mathematics – just about anything involving mathematics. However, I also make time to enjoy life outside of academia. I’m a gamer (board games & video games), I love to travel by land and sea, and I find special joy in finding new, delicious places to eat with my husband. Our current favorite breakfast place in the valley is Scrambled – got a better place to recommend? Stop by and let me know!

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