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Hi, I’m Arianna! I am a born and raised Las Vegas native and if you’re like me, it’s been an absolute ride watching this city grow! I graduated from UNLV with both my Bachelors and Masters in English, with my research focusing on maternal-relationships across the US-Mexico border and how familial relationships are depicted within both nonfiction and fiction works. It was during grad school that I discovered my passion for working with students and am excited to be a part of your academic journey. As a first-generation college graduate, my goal is to uplift those that are just as equally lost as I was navigating the college system and to show students that academia is not an ivory tower. Prior to working at NSC, I worked as a part-time instructor in the UNLV English department. I am currently advising all of SOE and some Liberal Arts and Sciences majors and look forward to meeting with you over the phone, through Zoom, or in my office!

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