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Brian Martinelli, M.S.

I attended California State University, Northridge where I earned both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in physics. During this time, I spent three years working in the optical properties of materials laboratory developing a novel interferometer to measure the sub-nanometer thicknesses and surface profiles of thin films. I began teaching physics at Nevada State College as a part-time instructor in 2007. Currently, I am a full-time lecturer of physical sciences and have taught a variety of courses in astronomy, math, chemistry, and physics. I also helped to develop CHEM 112 (now CHEM 108), the required chemistry course for pre-nursing students. I am the course coordinator for general chemistry (CHEM 121 and 122) and have written lab manuals for both courses. In addition to teaching, I have branched out from the physical sciences and am taking biology courses at Nevada State. When I’m off-campus, I enjoy golfing, curling (the Olympic sport on ice), brewing beer, and playing music (bass and guitar).

Mr. Martinelli regularly teaches: Chem 121 (General Chemistry I), Chem 122 (General Chemistry II), Phys 151 (General Physics I), Phys 152 (General Physics II)


Office: Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) 254

Phone: (702)-992-2653

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