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Clark Pearson, Ph.D.

Through the mentorship I received as an undergraduate studying biology I was encouraged to enter a doctorate program in which I investigated insect ecology and the diversity interactions between arthropod herbivores and predators in grassland and agricultural ecosystems. In addition to the satisfaction and reward of pursuing this research was learning how much I enjoyed teaching and sharing these topics with others. I view my role at Nevada State College primarily as a science educator and I would like to share with others those experiences that were instrumental in my development as a student and afterwards.

Dr. Pearson regularly teaches:

  • ENV 101 (Introduction to Environmental Science)
  • BIOL 101 (Biology for non-majors), 189 (Fundamentals of Life Sciences)
  • BIOL 196 (Principles of Modern Biology I)
  • BIOL 197 (Principles of Modern Biology I)
  • BIOL 220 (Introduction to Ecological Principles)
  • BIOL 251 (General Microbiology)

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