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David Cooper, Ph.D.

I am a physical chemist and am interested in the photophysics of light, specifically the fluorescence pathway.  My research is primarily focused on the photobleaching of fluorophores, a set of molecules that give off different colors light when exposed to other frequencies of light, and test their resiliency as well as the chemical methods of altering photobleaching lifetimes.  These compounds are often used in medical imaging to tag cellular structures of interest and can assist in identifying key areas of interest in the treatment of many diseases.
I have always enjoyed teaching and had the good fortune to have many excellent professors, each of whom inspired me to pursue the vocation myself and who I hope I can emulate. I graduated from Rice University with my Ph.D. and dove immediately into teaching as a visiting assistant professor at Southwestern University for three years before coming to Nevada State College.  Outside of school, I enjoy reading, primarily science fiction and fantasy novels, and strategy games of all types.

Dr. Cooper regularly teaches: Chem 121 (General Chemistry I) and Chem 122 (General Chemistry II).
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Email: david.cooper@nsc.edu

Office: Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) 255

Phone: (702)-992-2671

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