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El Hachemi Bouali, Ph.D.

I am an applied geologist and am interested in the processes involved in near-surface natural hazard formation and evolution. My primary research focuses on the development of interdisciplinary methods to understand the lifecycle of hazards (like landslides and sinkholes) through simultaneous long-term monitoring of subsurface geology and surficial geomorphology. I obtain data with a wide range of instruments, including remote sensing (optical, radar, LiDAR, and thermal), near-surface geophysical (ground penetrating radar, electrical resistivity/conductivity, magnetics, and active and passive seismology), and in situ with traditional field methods. I use geographic information systems (GIS) to process, analyze, and visualize these data. Although I am interested in natural hazards, I encourage students who are interested in conducting teaching and research projects to come speak with me if either (1) they have an interest in the geosciences, or (2) they have an interest in another field/degree but want to learn how to use a new instrument, software, or outdoor field technique. My goal is to provide students with practical and applied skills that will benefit them in upcoming endeavors.

I received my PhD in Geology from Michigan Technological University, my MS in Geosciences and BS in Geophysics from Western Michigan University, and my AS from Kalamazoo Valley Community College. I was the Postdoctoral Fellow in Environmental Science at Trinity College (Hartford, CT) and a NASA Earth and Space Science Fellow while earning my PhD. I have also worked as a Geological Mapping Technician for two summers at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where I assisted with the creation of ten surficial geology quadrangle maps by acquiring near-surface geophysical data and auger samples.

In my spare time I enjoy getting outside to run or go for a hike. I am still working on completing a full marathon. I like to travel and visit new places, particularly if I can see some amazing geology. When indoors, I enjoy puzzling and playing all sorts of games: tabletop games, video games, and party games. I spend most of my free time with my wife Sarah and our two cats Joey and Phoebe. I am so happy to be out west and at Nevada State College.

To learn more about Dr. Bouali, please click here: Dr. Bouali CV

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