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Headshot of NSC Writing Director and English Professor, Dr. Kathryn Tucker

Kathryn Tucker, Ph.D.

I specialize in writing studies, including composition, rhetoric, and writing center work. My classes focus on ways to make effective choices in a variety of writing contexts. I also founded and direct the Writing Center and the Course Assistant Program, and support writing culture across the college.
I earned my Bachelor’s degree as a double major in English and Comparative Literary Studies (one major) and French (second major) at Occidental College, and my Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at UCLA. I went on to teach writing-intensive and composition courses at Scripps College, Occidental College, and CSU Fullerton, as well as teaching test preparation courses for several standardized tests and working in Occidental’s Center for Academic Excellence as a Faculty Writing Specialist.
When I began teaching at Nevada State College in 2014, I had worked with over 2000 students across Southern California, from backgrounds as diverse as they come in terms of class, ethnicity, race, gender, age, and citizenship, with goals as diverse as they come in education. I know students are individuals with unique goals for their time throughout and after college, and I teach because my goal is to support students in achieving their goals.
My current research interests include intersections of writing center and composition pedagogies, peer support programs, and metacognition and writing transfer.

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