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Kayla Bieser, Ph.D.

I am a molecular biologist interested in environmental influences on sex determination in turtles. I was inspired by my undergraduate mentor, who not only allowed me to be his teaching assistant, but who also persuaded me to study abroad in Costa Rica. As a first-generation college student growing up in the Midwest, it was truly a life changing experience that motivated me to pursue two graduate degrees and ultimately become a college professor. At Nevada State College, I want to motivate my students to leave their comfort zone to help find their passion and provide students with the experiential learning experiences that inspired me.

Dr. Bieser regularly teaches: Biol 196 (Principles of Modern Biology I), Biol 300 (Principles of Genetics), Biol 405 (Molecular Biology) & Biol 415 (Evolution)

To learn more about Dr. Bieser click: Bieser CV

Email: kayla.bieser@nsc.edu

Office: Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) 262

Phone: (702) 992-2682

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