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Nevada State College English Professor, Leila Pazargadi

Leila Pazargadi, Ph.D.

As an Assistant Professor of English at Nevada State College, I focus on postcolonial literature, gender studies, and ethnic-American studies. As part of the humanities department, I am interested in exploring cross-cultural and interdisciplinary ways of understanding resistance literature, particularly texts penned by those writing from the margins. I received my doctorate degree in comparative literature, with a certification in gender studies, from the University of California, Los Angeles. In 2014, I had the honor of receiving Nevada State’s iTeach Heritage Award and Occidental College’s Erica J. Murray Young Alumni of the Year award for my efforts in co-founding and directing our Nepantla Summer Bridge Program. Since joining the Scorpion family in 2012, I have been teaching composition, literature, and ethnic studies courses about gender, immigration, ethnic American identity, resistance and revolution, Middle Eastern literature, and postcolonial literature. In my courses, I emphasize learning as a transformative process that is neither limited to the page, the course, nor the walls of the college. Rather, I encourage students to learn to question everything in their lives by adopting an analytical lens for the world around them. Above all, I strive to teach my students a Persian saying that I have always carried with me: “Porsidan e’yb nist, nadanestan e’yb ast,” which loosely translates to: “There is nothing wrong with questioning, there is something wrong with not knowing.”

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