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Matt Christensen, MFA

While completing my degree in English and Creative Writing at UCLA, I fell in love with film. I ventured into some screenwriting classes and grew enamored with the process of writing and making film and television. Shortly after graduating, I got a job at a Hollywood writer’s office and got to see a writer’s room and series TV production in action.  I was hooked. I went on to attend Columbia University’s graduate film program and earn my MFA in Screenwriting. I next wrote and produced independent film in New York City before transitioning to writing and producing nonfiction television for national broadcast networks. Upon moving to Las Vegas, I worked as a staff producer-director for Vegas PBS. At Vegas PBS, I did everything from producing, writing, and directing to shooting and editing a wide variety of projects. My work included documentaries and specials, which earned PACSW Emmy Awards. Most recently, I’ve worked as a producer for esports tournaments, sports radio, and live-remote broadcasts. I’ve been teaching college for nearly a decade, which gives me a chance to share my passion as well as pass on the numerous  lessons I’ve learned from the many talented people I’ve worked with over my 20-plus years working in film, television, and digital production. When I’m not researching, writing, or teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family and traveling.

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