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Nate Silva, Ph.D.

Nathan Silva Ph.D. is a Biology Lecturer. He primarily teaches Biol 189. Nathan earned his Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Marine Science, where his research involved assessing the genetic diversity of ascidian populations in the Santa Barbara area. Prior to that, Nathan earned his B.S. in Biology from California Lutheran University.

Nathan has been teaching at Nevada State College since the Fall of 2009 where he has held the positions of Part-Time Instructor, Adjunct Faculty Coordinator, First-Year Experience Lecturer and now Biology Lecturer. He and his wife Cora have two boys, Perrin and Leo. Other than teaching, Nathan’s passions include games of various sorts (board games, card games, video games), reading, and 3D printing.

Dr. Silva typically teaches: Biol 189 (Fundamentals of Life Sciences)

Learn more about Dr. Nathan Silva: Nathan_Silva_CV


Office: Nursing, Science, Education (NSE) 118

Phone: (702) 992-2673

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