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Nicholas Arnet, Ph.D.

My education has led me to live all across the United States. Originally from Buffalo, NY, I have lived in Alabama, Connecticut, Texas, and now Nevada. As an inorganic chemist, my previous research projects focused on utilizing transition metals (specifically iron, nickel, and molybdenum) to replicate the structure and chemistry of naturally-occurring enzymes. At NSC, I will be developing and teaching the inorganic chemistry course which will describe the unique chemistry possible with metal atoms.
When I’m not teaching or researching, I often spend my time gaming. Ever the Nintendo fanboy, I will usually have my Switch on me in case of an impromptu Smash match. I achieved my 5th platinum trophy from Sekiro.
Dr. Arnet regularly teaches: Chem 121 (General Chemistry I)
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Office: Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) 251

Phone: (702) 992-2738

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