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Headshot of NSC Math Professor, Dr. Serge Ballif

Serge Ballif, Ph.D.

I love teaching and sharing ideas. I am a strong believer that everyone can enjoy and succeed in mathematics. Much of my time at NSC has been devoted to smoothing the path for incoming students by developing new curriculum and revamping our placement procedures. I have a wonderful wife and three entertaining children who are good at keeping me busy and smiling.

Dr. Ballif regularly teaches: MATH 181 (Calculus 1), MATH 182 (Calculus 2), MATH 453 (Abstract Algebra)

Learn more about Dr. Serge Ballif by clicking here for his professional page and Serge_Ballif_CV 


Office: Dawson (DAW) 210

Phone: (702) 992-2613

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